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Last week I woke up and spring cleaning was pounding on my door! Pantry organizers aren’t cheap so I was very excited when I found these glass jars on sale at Michaels for 1$! Then I used left over window cling and the Cricut for easy to read pantry jar labels.

I purchase a lot of bulk food items and loath the way they look sitting in a messy pile on the shelf. The bags had to go. Now I have 20 matching jars that are clearly labeled and making baking that much easier.

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Window cling worked great on this project because the jars are glass. I feel it’s a little more forgiving than vinyl when applying as well. Transfer tape is not necessary for window cling but if you’re using vinyl you will need it.


First remove all stickers and price tags. Then wash both the jars and lids in the dishwasher.

In Cricut Design Space type out the names of the food that will fill your jars. I chose to make them 3.5″ wide. The font is shorthalt thin that I downloaded from

My favorite feature in design space is letter spacing. The closer together the letters, the bigger the words will be in the end so play around! If you choose a cursive font, remember to weld your words so they’re cut as one piece and easier to transfer. One last font tip, thicker will be much easier than thin to transfer and will be easier to read.

If you’re using window cling, remember to hit “mirror” when you’re about to cut your work!

Once your labels are cut, carefully cut out each piece and remove the extra window cling.

Align and transfer to the jar. Be patient with it! Rub the letters and carefully pull diagonally.

Finally fill your jars, place on the shelf and admire your beautifully organized pantry!

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