Modern Living Room Styles For The Interior Designer In You


You may disagree on whether to call it a lounge, a family room, or a living room. However, one fact you will agree on is that this room is the heart of a home. Nowadays, a particular design for living rooms seems to be all the rage: the modern living room.

Most modern decor takes inspiration from movements like the Rustic, Bohemian, Millennial, and more. So it allows for a lot of creativity and variety when you design your room. If you want to revamp your living room, here are some modern design ideas you might like.

Styles to Spruce Up Your Entire Living Room

Switching up an entire room can be impulsive, but it can be equally exciting. Read on for more decor options if you want to design your living room from scratch.

Bohemian Decor For The Flower Child

Modern Living Room Styles Bohemian

A bohemian style is perfect for you if you love playing around with different textures. A chief feature of this theme is the use of ethnic patterns. However, you can customize your bohemian-style modern living room as much as you like.

The amount of color and bling you use for your decor is up to you. Also, you can add an edge to your decor with some bold paintings and art. When going for a boho theme, consider having a neutral wall so that the room has more visual impact.

Rustic Design For The Nature Lover

Modern Living Room Styles Rustic

Rustic living rooms are both environment-friendly and cost-effective. All you do is revamp some old family favorites, and you get a stylish living room out of it.

For a rustic theme, opt for a warmer color palette like rich browns or deep grays. Add in wood accents, mellow textiles, and comfy furnishing for a homespun aesthetic.

A modern living room with this design prefers organic materials so add some granite, clean lines, and reclaimed wood to tie it into your rustic kitchen.

For The Minimalist Soul

Modern Living Room Styles Minimalist

A minimal living room is all about sharp lines and a consistent color scheme. You will find all the walls running with a uniform color like a neutral white or gray. Designers will use art, furniture, and lights to create sharp lines in the decor and modern TV stands allow you to maintain a clean finish while having the flexibility to change the decor that is displayed through the television.

The key to an appealing minimal-style living room is that it should not be too monotonous. You can make your theme pop with an accent piece of furniture, a painting, or even a sculpture. However, ensure that it complements the rest of the room and does not stick out like a sore thumb.  A minimal living room is perfect if you prefer bold and chic looks that emphasize extra space.

Eclecticism For the Fan Of The ’50s

Modern Living Room Styles Eclectic

The theme of eclecticism was born when the call went out to bring back furniture and art from the mid-50s. A key feature involves adding plush wood and metal to bring an air of luxury to usually dull rooms.

An eclectic theme permits you to play around with colors, but having metal accents is a must. For this living room design, opt for a couch with wide seats and a large headboard. Also, consider getting a pouf since they are the latest trend.

Tropical Style For The Travel Geeks

Modern Living Room Styles Tropical 2

The tropical theme is increasing in popularity as millennial living makes its way into modern decor. For this style, choose furniture and carpets that are solid in color. Make sure your rugs are plush and scream of luxury.

Add some extra elements like frame leaf prints. Also, you can have a feature wall to display these prints to make them more eye-catching. If you want to be bold, consider adding some neon elements to the decor. A tropical style revolves around light-toned colors, stand-out prints, and cool metals.

Modern Living Room Tweaks For Those On A Budget

You can elevate your space to a modern living room even when on a budget. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

Lay On The Rugs

An easy way to up your living room design is by layering rugs. For this trick, you will need two to three carpets. You have an oversized one for the base and a few normal sized ones to serve as accents.

For the base, choose a neutral, solid color rug and make sure it’s flatwoven. Such stitching will prevent it from piling up on the ground. Choose vibrant colors and patterns for the accent rugs to make them pop.

Layering rugs is a quick way to bring in a modern aesthetic to a living room. Also, it has a practical edge because it provides a soft layer to walk on.

Give Your Room Some Space

Adding space to your room is as simple as clearing out certain elements. Bring in clean lines and planes to your living room design for a minimalist aesthetic.

Remove a few unnecessary pieces from surfaces, and choose smaller pieces of furniture. Also, you can create an illusion of space by incorporating mirrors and glass elements. Spacing out your room means it stands out not for what is in it, but for what is not.

Lights For An Eclectic Element

Make your living room shine in the literal sense. Your standard living room lamp does the job of lighting up a room; however, you can be a little more creative with lighting solutions like string lightbulbs or for the bold you can add a chandelier.

Also, consider switching up standard ceiling lights with designer ones for a bold statement that matches your room. Innovative lighting can be all you need to transform a space when on a budget.

Wrap Up

A modern living room sets an aesthetic tone for your entire home. Also, it is now much simpler to achieve with how accessible decor has become. Regardless of your budget, you can always bring a twist of modernism into your living room.

The key, though, is to have fun with your decorating ideas. Enjoy the process of decorating as much as the final result. We hope that our guide gives you some inspiration for styling your modern living room.

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