Tips To Choose A Modern Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table Black Bronze Marble
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If you are newly doing your house or even if you are renovating your old house to look neat and fresh, then a kitchen table is the first piece of furniture you might want to consider.With the perfect pieces of furniture, you can be the next stars among your friends.

There might be so many designs out there, and filtering out one according to your style and taste can be intimidating. This is why, to make things easier for you, we’ve put together this list that will help you choose the right table whether it is a statement piece or subtly enhancing your kitchen’s modern look and feel.

What Table Shape Should I Buy?

When you are choosing a modern kitchen table, the shape should be your priority. There are so many shapes that you would come across. However, to make things easier for you, we’ve put ones that are versatile and easily available.

Round Modern Kitchen Tables

Black Brown Round Table
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Ana White Round modern dining table
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Round kitchen tables are common items. However, nothing shouts classy more than them. It can be styled easily with any kind of room, even if you have an open-source plan, and it also fits in without a problem. If your house is compact, then round tables provide better use of space.

If you are living with your partner, round kitchen tables are said to increase intimacy. They are also best suited for smaller families. It is easier to carry on conversations and is perfect for smaller family gatherings.

Sharper edges are a concern when your family has children, so if this applies to you, rounder tables would be great. If you are about to purchase a single leg round table instead of four, then you don’t have to worry about stretching your legs as it will create more legroom.

Rectangular Modern Kitchen Tables

Dark Brown Rectangular Table
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Mirror Rectangular Table
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Rectangular tables are the most common ones as their shape matches with that of most rooms. You can also place them against a wall, which is not quite possible with round tables. If your family gatherings have more than four people, then rectangular tables are perfect.

If your room is small and you are worried about having enough space to move around, you can consider buying dinner benches that you can push under after you are done with your meal. If you are someone who detests beig in close proximity to people, rectangular tables help you maintain equidistance and can make your conversations more comfortable.

What color should I buy?

It can be a hectic task to get the perfectly colored dining table that matches your room’s aesthetics but once added, it can make your kitchen nook look vibrant, neat, and well made.

White Modern Kitchen Tables

White Round Table
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It is probably the classiest color you will ever find. It goes well with houses that look modern, traditional, or even contemporary. If you want your house to look minimal, try getting a solid white table and match it up with white chairs.

Black Modern Kitchen Tables

Heath Oval Dining Table
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Black Kitchen Table
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If your house has a marble countertop, then getting it in black would give a classy and posh effect to it. Not surprisingly, black can never go wrong, and you can almost pair any chair with it, allowing them to complement your taste.

Vibrant Modern Kitchen Tables

Blue Kitchen Table
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Colorful Kitchen Table
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If you want to strike the right contrast, then try green, red and yellow chairs. If you want a black table but despise colors, then stick to basics and pair them up with white chairs.

Tips for Choosing the Right Color

Tips for choosing the right colors
You can try white painted bases along with dark stains only for the tabletops to give you a classic feature. It is best suited if you are going with a standard farmhouse look.

On the contrary, you can also try white tabletops and light-colored, oak wood legs. This can work if your house has a minimalistic look to it.

If you have dark flooring, then you should try pairing them up with a brighter base as the contrast would work marvelously together.

If you want your dining table to be the statement piece, then you should try combing colors such as black and grey in a contemporary way.

What Material Should I Choose?

It is easier to choose one style if you select all the materials that match your style and taste. Along with the look, functionality is also a key factor.

Wood Modern Kitchen Tables

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Wooden tables are long-lasting and also can be repaired easily. It also adds a rustic look to your room. Along with the look and feel, they are also easy maintenance. They also have types such as hardwood, engineered wood, or with a walnut finish.

The only drawback to this is that it will easily wear with time, especially if you are someone who uses dining tables very frequently. This is mainly because wood expands and contracts with humidity. However, this can be easily fixed.

Modern Glass Kitchen Tables

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Glass tables give you a modern dining experience and also elegant. They make your dining experience very royal. If your house is small and you want it to feel more open, then these tables are something you need to consider.

It is also a great option if you don’t want any light to reflect off the top. Also, if you don’t like cleaning your table, then this is a great option as it can easily be cleaned with Windex or other household cleaner.

Marble Kitchen Tables

Marble kitchen table
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Marble is the most beautiful material as it is not only smooth but also, it is eye-pleasing. If you are someone who buys only environmentally friendly products, then marble tables can’t go wrong. They are also available in beautiful colors, and based on your style and taste, you can buy modern, contemporary dining as well as antique-looking ones.

It is almost impossible for marble tables to go out of style, so even if you are someone who likes to revamp your house often, these tables would almost fit in many houses. The only downside to these tables is that they are etched and scratched easily.

Veneer Kitchen Tables

Veneer wood tables have a small layer of wood attached that is the inner panel that is usually made up of fiberboard. If you love wooden furniture but, at the same time, are worried about not being environmentally sustainable, then this would be perfect for you as it only has a thin layer of wood.

They are also budget-friendly, and if you move around a lot, this could be perfect for you as they can be carried around easily. You can also clean them easily with just a wipe.

Modern Kitchen Table Base Styles?

Single Pedestal Tables

They are available in a lot of shapes. These are perfect for rounder tables. If you are planning on buying smaller but round tables, then this would look great. You can easily fit them in your breakfast nook.

Double Pedestal Tables

If you have a rowdy family and are worried about table stability, then you can get the double pedestal tables, and these would look good with rectangular tables also.

Trestle Tables

They are not only great design elements but also will be perfect for larger family gatherings. They are very stable and provides more legroom. They are also very spacious and can fit perfectly in houses of both smaller and larger families.

Tips to Choose the Right Size Table

Before buying a table, you need to measure table space, width, and length. The length helps you to determine how many people can sit at the table. These things are important to consider before your purchase of almost any type of dining table for your kitchen. You should also give about 2 feet of space for diners to eat comfortably.

If you don’t need a bigger table now but might have extended family and guests coming over, then getting an extension table with a self-storing leaf would be a better option for you. It is always good to allow 3’ of space on each side as this is needed for anyone to pull out chairs and walk behind.

If your room is rectangular and you want a setting a bit more formal, you can go for rectangular tables, and for square-shaped rooms, you should try considering round ones.

Tips for Choosing the Right Style of Table

If you like minimalistic furniture, then you can keep it modern by going for tables with metal bases and glass tops. You can also try ones made of stainless steel to last longer.

Contemporary tables with traditional materials and sleek design work well in a breakfast nook. It gives a casual, but highly put-together vibe.

You can try buying distressed finished tables, as this will tie it in to the rest of your decor if you have a rustic theme. You can also make the rustic look a bit modern by mixing it with metal components in the table construction.

Modern farmhouse tables are perfect kitchen tables if your house has country décor. They give a relaxed finish. They are also very sturdy and would give your house a vintage look. They are also versatile as you can pair them with a chair or even benches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Veneer wood the same as wood?
If there is a thin layer of hardwood added to something less expensive, such as plywood, it is Veneer.

Which table materials are environmentally friendly?
If you want something not to hurt the planet, you should try Veneer or marble. You can also use reclaimed wood.

What size table should I buy?
You can get a table of 4 feet for 4 people, 5 or 6 feet for 6 people and 8 feet for 8 people.

Are marble top tables expensive?
Marble is an amazing edition as it is not only beautiful but also easy to maintain. It is a bit more on the expensive side than many other materials out here, mainly because it costs more for finishing it.

Where can I fit a square-shaped table?
Square tables go well with square-shaped rooms than any other shapes.

Which material lasts for the longest?
If you want a long last dining table, you should try wood or metal. However, wood requires consistent maintenance word.

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