Modern Accent Chair Styles and Design Ideas

Modern Accent Chairs

Out of all the furniture pieces present in the market today, modern accent chairs are the most popular ones. They look classy and comfortable. Being available in so many choices, colors, styles, fabrics, and sizes, it opens a new spectrum of choices to the customers.

Keeping an accent chair at home is now a status symbol and a fashion statement. As far as the functionality goes, accent chairs can be used in two ways. As they have a different look than a sofa set, using it can mean special treatment to a guest. You can also use it as a spare piece of seating when a lot of people come to your house.

The usage you assign to the chair will determine in which category it falls. You can either use this chair as an example of a style that completes the look of your room. Or you can provide it a special function.

If you are thinking of buying modern accent chairs, there are plenty of things you ought to know which can determine your decision greatly.

Types of Accent Chairs

The type of design of an accent chair can matter a lot. It will determine the function of that chair in your house and how it will look with the rest of the furniture.

Side Chair

Modern Side Chair

A side accent chair is small in size and can only be used as a side chair. Due to its size, you might not want to offer it to your guests. However, it doesn’t take a lot of space, and several design options can be found for this type of modern accent chair.

The best part about using a side chair is that you don’t have to worry about spaces going to waste. You can put it in a small area and still, it will complete the room and provide a nice look too.

Slipper Style

Modern Slipper Chair

Slipper style accent chairs are more like armchairs but without the arms. They take less space than a usual armchair but are versatile with their usage. You can keep it as a side chair. You can even use it as a part of the main furniture and offer it to the guests.

Slipper accent chairs are available in various colors and fabrics. They are available in a diverse range of choices, mainly because they are in high demand.


Modern Armchair

A regular armchair is also categorized under accent chairs. However, depending on how innovatively it has been designed determines if it is a modern style or not. Many still prefer the conventional design idea even for their furniture. This is where an armchair comes to play. Depending on its size and material, it can be used as an accent chair as well.

Barrel Chair

Barrel Back Accent Chair

Barrel style accent chairs are not very popular across the entire world. They have been a prominent part of some western cultures only. However, they are an inspiration to many styles that have been coming up recently.

A barrel style accent chair resembles a barrel. The back of the chair resembles the curve of the barrel. The front, however, looks like it has been cut out so that a space for seating can be made.

Club Design

Leather Club Chair

Reminding you of an elegant, older era, a club chair instantly brings class to the room. Even though the design is not very sleek or new to look at, it provides a unique ambiance to the whole space.

Lounge-style Chair

Modern Lounge Chair

One of the most popular styles of modern accent chairs, a lounge-style chair brings utter comfort to you. It is stylish, classy and lets you have a very comfortable time on it. You can rest your back on the chair or straighten up your back by inclining with the chair.

Lounge style is a very popular option for modern accent styles. As they are available in so many colors and practice, they grant a plethora of good options for their homes. These chairs work especially if you have a completely modern or contemporary décor.

Papasan Design

Papasan Chair

This is another famous chair that can immediately improve your home’s look and feel. It looks cool and comfortable. This design of the accent chair comes with several color options. This makes it a good choice for homes with both modern as well as traditional households.

A trait that sets this accent chair apart from every other chair is the soft cushion placed on it. You can do away with all your stress by just sitting, and you are good to go.

The style of this chair makes it popular for kids’ rooms, but you can even keep it in the living area if you are afraid you won”t get to use it!

Buying modern accent chairs could be very exciting if you know the type you should go for. Look through each of the design styles described above and understand the look you need or you don’t. You can also research the different categories other than the design.

Yellow Modern Accent Chairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are our modern accent chairs expensive?

Depending on the type of accent chair you buy, the price would be determined. Although the price for this type of chair is high in the market, you can buy cheaper versions through different sources.

What factors should be taken into account before buying this chair?

There are several factors on which your decisions would be based. The material or the fabric of the chair, its size as per your requirement, and its cost are three factors on which your work on it will depend.

What are the different categories in which the chair is divided?

The categories are based on its style of design, the kind of fabric of the chair, the function or usability, etc.

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