18 Modern Coffee Tables to Level Up Your Living Room

Modern Coffee Table
Coffee tables are central to a living space, literally. The wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and materials are often overwhelming when you have to make a choice. The best way to overcome the issue is to learn about modern coffee tables. So, if you’re debating between a century modern, industrial coffee table, or a cottage style, read on to make your choice easier!

Modern Coffee Tables

Arviso Sled Coffee Table via AllModern

Victor Coffee Table via AllModern

Hanna Coffee Table

Modern design shouldn’t be confused with contemporary. While they can seem similar, a modern style is from what seems like a different era. The style uses a lot of simple colors and materials like glass, steel, and metal. Simplicity is at the core of modern design.

The best way to choose a modern coffee table is to compare the styles they have to offer. Here are descriptions of the different coffee tables a modern style can offer.

  • Minimal Modern Coffee Table: Sleek, minimal, and modern; these are the three words that can be used to describe this style.
  • Rustic Modern Coffee Table: If you’re looking to combine the old and the relatively new, then a rustic coffee table is for you.
  • Transitional Modern Coffee Table: These aren’t completely modern and have an edge of contemporary, making them extremely versatile in terms of design.
  • Eclectic Modern Coffee Table: If you have an inner Bohemian that is clashing with a Modernist, then eclectic designs are the way to go!
  • Storage Modern Coffee Table: If you’re looking for more storage space, we recommend a modern coffee table with hidden storage. They are twice as useful!
  • Kid-Friendly Modern Coffee Table: There are family-friendly coffee tables as well! No sharp corners or glass to hurt yourself on!

Modern Coffee Table Sets

Kowal 2 Piece Coffee Table Set

Modern White & Walnut Round Nesting Coffee Table Set

Belvedere Nesting Coffee Tables

If you’re moving into a brand new space with no furniture picking it all out can be hard. This is where a modern coffee table set can come into use. A coffee table set in any design usually comes along with a side table or stool. They are designed to match aesthetically and functionality-wise.

A modern coffee table set comes in a simple color palette in the same materials as any modern style furniture wood. When you’re furnishing a new space, your coffee table, side tables, or stools will all not only match each other but your other furniture as well. This saves you the hassle of looking for additional furnishings.

An extra side table or stool isn’t just functional but can really bring a living space together. Not only is there more surface space and storage at times, but aesthetically your living room will automatically look more put-together.

Square Modern Coffee Tables

Keppler Square Coffee Table

Kyson Coffee Table

Lubek Coffee Table

Square coffee tables are the most common type of modern coffee table. Chances are, when you think of a coffee table, you think of one that is square. This is for a reason. A modern design is all about simplicity, and this entails clean lines and symmetry.

A square modern coffee table fits most living spaces well and is available in different materials and finishes that fit any type of color scheme. They suit both big and small living spaces. As long as you buy a wood coffee table that is appropriately sized for your living room, you can be sure that you’ve made the right decision.

It is especially useful to buy a square coffee table when you have an L-shaped sofa in your home. Having a round coffee table would mean that guests sitting on the furthest ends of the sofa will not be able to reach the table with ease.

You’ll find an issue only with the sharp edges of the coffee table. It will hurt if you accidentally stumble into it. If you have children, then you will need to be extra careful of these edges.

Round Modern Coffee Tables

Cap Ivory Cement Coffee Table

Nate Coffee Table

Tinsley Coffee Table in Natural Brown

On the contrary, round coffee tables are suitable mostly for small spaces. They offer all the same advantages of a good coffee table, they are convenient and look great in a living space, but they work very well for small spaces.

A round table offers more room in a smaller space or at least offers the illusion of a larger space. However, they don’t work well for longer spaces or sofas that are L-shaped. It is extremely hard to reach with ease if you’re on the edge of a larger sofa.

The lack of edges on a round coffee table means that you’re not going to hurt yourself on sharp edges any time soon. They add an air of sophistication while simultaneously being accident-free.

Modern Wood Coffee Tables

Riverton Coffee Table

Modrest Makai Modern Walnut and Black Square Coffee Table

Nicholas Dexter Coffee Table

Whether you’re looking at a mid century modern coffee table or a contemporary wooden coffee table, the material and finishing are incredibly important. The color, finish, and material is necessary to notice when you’re looking to be aesthetic and functional. In a modern design, you’ll find three specific materials used most often: wood, glass, and metal.


A modern wood coffee table is a classic. It is an elegant piece that is sturdy and requires minimal care. However, wood tables are prone to water stains even if they are made of engineered wood. If you find a wood coffee table that works in your living space, you won’t regret having it tie the whole space together.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is what is used on most modern coffee tables these days. It is stronger than regular glass and breaks into small round pieces that are less dangerous than regular glass shards.

Tempered glass or not, it requires regular cleaning. The cleaning is a small sacrifice to the way a glass coffee table can brighten up a small space and provide the illusion of a larger space.


Metal coffee tables are stylish, durable, and environmentally friendly. They are beautiful pieces to have in larger spaces and are less prone to staining, chipping, and even come as lightweight models now.

A metal coffee table is likely to only be a metal frame, which means that it isn’t as heavy as it may seem but retains durability and strength. However, a metal frame can hurt some floor designs if it scrapes the floor.


Modern Coffee Tables With Storage

Lenora Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Modern Round Coffee Table with Storage Lift-Top

Modern Chic 51 Extendable Coffee Table with Storage Sliding Top

Summing Up

A coffee table is furniture that serves a functional and aesthetic function. It can tie your whole living room together, which is why choosing a coffee table becomes such an important decision. Hopefully, you can now pick the perfect modern coffee table for your living room, but if you still need inspiration take a look at some beautiful modern living rooms we just love.

Modern living room with square coffee table
Black and white coffee tables
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