12 Modern Dressers For You

White Horizontal Dresser
Have you been looking for a dresser for your bedroom? A dresser is a key component of bedroom furniture and modern dressers can help solidify a contemporary feel. Read ahead as we discuss modern dressers in detail and how to select the model that will give you the perfect look and feel.

Modern Dressers

There are a few types of modern dressers that people opt for. These may be segregated according to color or material. Read ahead to find out.

Black Modern Dressers

malm 6 drawer dresser black brown

Merrinda 6 Drawer Double Dresser

Modern Copenhagen 6 Drawer Dresser

Black is a common color for the modern dresser. It can add dramatic awe to the décor and add a sense of authority to space. For your bedroom, it can add a much-needed contrast. Hence, it lends well to a modern aesthetic.

The good part about a black modern dresser is that it will stay in style. Black will add the right classic touch to your modern dresser. Hence, it makes for a durable option that can adorn your bedroom space for years.

Modern White Dressers

modern 3 drawer dresser

Euphoria 08 Modern Dresser

Blasko 6 Drawer Double Dresser

These are popular dressers that come in various sizes and shapes. There are many available options, some that come with mirrors. The white and the mirrors together add to the illusion of space and volume in the bedroom.

You will find these drawers with a knob, handle, or other pulls. You may see be worried that a white dresser may be spoiled and stained easily. However, by cleaning weekly and caring for it right, you will be able to keep it glistening in your bedroom.

Modern Wooden Dressers

Retweet Calvin Modern 6 Drawer Double Dresser

Caleb Dresser

Chicopee Modern 6 Drawer Double Dresser

A wood dresser is strong and durable. Whether you pick a mid century aesthetic or an industrial one, wood can contribute to all. From oak to walnut, modern dressers may come in a variety of materials and finishes.

Wood can add the necessary charm to any room and is also very easy to maintain. For apartments in dense cities, it can bring some natural elements to your bedroom. Wood is also a great option to make your bedroom warm and inviting.

You can also opt for danish dressers in wood. These Scandinavian pieces will add a minimal touch to your bedroom space.

Modern Dressers with Mirrors

Merrinda 6 Drawer Double Dresser with Mirror

Cedartown Contemporary 6 Drawer Double Dresser with Mirror

Warsaw modern dresser with mirror

Dressers with mirrors have been seeing unusual traffic for many years now. Modern dressers may or may not come with mirrors. However, mirrors only enhance the bedroom space by adding the illusion of volume.

Despite having been around for a long time, mirror dressers haven’t gone out of style. Taking a cue from this, it can be predicted that they will not go out of style any time soon either.

How to Choose a Modern Dresser?

A modern dresser or drawer chest has several characteristics that set it apart from other options. Read ahead as we discuss these.

Size of the Dresser

The most important part of buying a modern dresser is its size. You will have to ensure that the size of the drawer is compatible with the size of your room. Modern dressers can be compact and even be a 5 drawer or 6 drawer dresser.

Pay attention to the size of your bed as well. For instance, a large dresser paired with a small bed may just look odd.

Style of the Dresser

A modern dresser will often come in simple designs and geometric shapes. They often have very little decorations and frills and are streamlined in design. It can be a mid century modern dresser as well.

When you pick one, ensure that the colors and design go with the aesthetic of your bedroom space. Some of these are double dressers that may be around waist-high. Others may be a chest of drawers that is quite tall but lean and not as wide.

The latter tend to be interesting pieces that add personality to your bedroom. For a little extra definition, you can opt for a dresser with short tapered legs.

Storage in the Dresser

Many people opt for modern dressers to add to the storage space in a room. If more storage is the priority, you can find tall modern dressers that can do the job well. You may also want to pay attention to the number of drawers in the dresser.

For rooms that require more storage, more drawers in the dresser will do the job. Further, see if the drawers are shallow or deep. Modern dressers with deep drawers will offer more storage space than shallow ones. Hence, you can store away your clothes and other items easily.


Modern dressers are made of interesting materials and designs. For a classic contemporary design, you can pick a wood grain finish. There are also sustainable options available. You will find plastics, polymers, and renewable raw materials like industrial waste.

These leave behind a small carbon footprint and are beneficial to the environment as well. Many of these are reviewed with many stars and are great purchases for your bedroom.

Tips to Get the Perfect Dresser for Your Bedroom

We understand that there are many options in the market. Hence, finding the perfect modern dresser can be difficult. To begin with, you can decide on the size of the dresser and the number of drawers you would like.

This is the first step to getting a modern dresser that is compatible with your bedroom. Once you do this, you can choose the colors and materials you prefer. Pay attention to whether you would like your modern dresser to blend in or stand out in your bedroom.

Whether you opt for wood or other sustainable materials, a modern dresser will make your bedroom look more interesting. It can add elegance and personality to your space.

And if you are still not sure what style of modern dresser will look best in your bedroom we have added some clean examples below.

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