Rustic Kitchen Decor Pictures, Ideas, and Design Inspiration

Rustic Kitchen Table

Reclaimed woods and sliding doors make the most appealing kitchen features. There’s nothing quite like cooking in the country kitchen of your dreams with the natural, rustic feel all around you. Sometimes, simply purchasing a farmhouse is all it takes. For most of us, however, that’s not an option. So, how can we make our suburban homes take on the feel of that back-country kitchen that we so dream of owning?

Types of Rustic Kitchen Design

Your first task is to narrow down which design is right for you. Rustic kitchens can come in many different styles which will create a drastically different ambiance. It’s important that you decide before-hand what type of rustic kitchen you’re going for. If that back-country kitchen is your style, you might not want to choose rustic chic. If a more elegant design is what you favor, stay away from elements of rustic modern. This should be decided first, before any other elements are chosen.

Go Rustic Chic

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A fantastic combination of that rustic vibe we’re all searching for with the bohemian chic that many modern designs take on. This style is all about exposed bricks, reclaimed woods, and metal chandeliers. Fluffy white furniture with plenty of pillows can be found right next to a driftwood coffee table with rusted metal coasters.It’s certainly a clash of styles all in one amazing splash of design. Beams and stones will dot the landscape while plush furniture and spotless whites are available throughout the room. Rustic chic is perfect for anyone with an affinity for bohemian, but wants to take the industrial vibe one step further. Keep it chic, but expose that brick.

Go Rustic Country

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If you’re looking for a darker feel with plenty of reclaimed and sparsely painted woods, then rustic country is the perfect style for you. This is the design that will net you that back-country farmhouse kitchen you’re looking for. All of the cabinets will be made of wood, but the paint won’t be a slot layer. If you love the look of those family heirloom dressers that haven’t been painted in years, then rustic country is the style for your kitchen.

Rustic country does a fantastic job at encompassing nature and the feel of a rural kitchen while keeping it clean and modern. Everything is rustic on purpose, but makes you feel as though you’re alone in the countryside with only dirt roads getting you where you need to go.

Go Modern Rustic

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Finally, there’s the modern rustic kitchen. This style is the perfect combination of stainless steel appliances with exposed metals and dark woods. You’ll get the feel that you’re in a modern, updated kitchen found out in a log cabin in the woods. Modern rustic is a popular one for many homeowners as it keeps all of the comfort of a modern kitchen and combines it with that historic feel that rustic strives for.

Rustic Kitchen Colors

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Depending on the style you’re going for, a proper rustic kitchen will appear rather dark for the users. With such an emphasis on woods, metals, and stones, you’re looking at a pretty dark color palette. Much of the metal will have that industrial, rusted look whereas the stone will host an earthy feel. Natural colors are common with few highlights. A rustic country kitchen will be the darkest of the batch.

Rustic chic adds elements of white through the furniture, but these only act as statement pieces in the kitchen. The countertops might be lighter colored compared to the cabinets, but overall, dark, earthy colors will line the walls and appliances. Modern rustic hosts stainless steels and updated appliances which can add a splash of light to the otherwise dark wood kitchen.

Types of Rustic Materials

As we touched on, the most common materials in a rustic kitchen will be reclaimed woods, natural stones, and industrial metals. You’re unlikely to find any polished paints or shining metal bands throughout a rustic kitchen of any type. Many critics joke that if you can find it in the junkyard, you can find it in a rustic kitchen. While there is some truth to that, it’s much less smelly than you might think.

Rustic kitchens love to go back to the earth and use materials that have been thrown out and reclaim them. That’s why reclaimed wood is one of the most popular materials in a rustic home. The same can be said for any metals and stone work. Keep it natural and earthy and you’ve got yourself a fantastic rustic kitchen on your hands.

Key Features For a Rustic Kitchen

Now it’s time to pick out the features of your rustic kitchen. Design it how you will, but here are some recommendations that could make your rustic kitchen perfect.

Rustic Kitchen Table Ideas

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There are a couple of cool ideas that you can use as inspiration for your kitchen table. The first of those styles is the full wood table. This utilizes wooden legs and table-top, all painted the same with a set of similarly colored chairs.

The second option is the wooden top with metal bottom. Take a hunk of driftwood or fallen tree, reclaim and clean it, and then attach metal legs and supports to it for an industrial, rustic look. Perfect for the family to eat at for meals.

Flooring Options For Rustic Kitchens

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The most popular option for rustic flooring is – surprise, surprise – reclaimed wood. They can be any color or hue you want, as long as they work well with the cabinets and ceiling. The pattern you line them in will be up to you, though straight lines are the popular choice.

Some kitchens use brick tiles as the flooring which is my personal favorite. This offer that rustic, classic kitchen feel as many kitchens in classic homes were designed for functionality and bricks were much easier to clean up spills on.

Appliances For Rustic Kitchens

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This all comes down to the style of rustic you’re going for. Modern rustic calls for modern appliances like stainless steel fridges and updated ovens. Country rustic allows you to reclaim anything you might find at an antique store and make it functional.

Rustic chic calls for whites and lighter colors, but the style is mainly up to you beyond that. Many rustic kitchens use early 1900s appliances that have been refurbished and fixed to work decades later.

Countertops For Rustic Kitchens

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Countertops are much more about personal preferences. You can use slabs of stone, wood, quartz, etc. As long as the material doesn’t appear too contemporary or stick out among the rest of the design, you should be safe to choose what works for you.

Farmhouse Apron Sinks For Rustic Kitchens

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The apron sink is a cult classic that has grown in popularity in recent years. This sink, jutting out slightly from the rest of the counters, offers a deep space to work in. Typically porcelain, but sometimes copper, these sinks are the perfect option for any type of rustic kitchen.

Cabinets and Drawers For Rustic Kitchens

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Many cabinets and drawers are made from reclaimed wood and painted hastily with intentional chipping implemented. Some kitchens use lighter colors to help separate the cabinets from the rest of the design. Rustic kitchen cabinetry has many different design styles.

Rustic Kitchen Storage

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Luckily for you, cabinets are a staple of any rustic kitchen. Large armoires can be found in almost any kitchen which offers plenty of extra storage when you’re lacking in it. For many styles, this can be an expensive purchase. However, with rustic, any antique or old armoire will do.

Make use of every appliance. If you have an island in your kitchen without storage space, make some! Create some cubbies and store any rustic bowls there. There’s plenty of cheap ways to create storage in a rustic kitchen. As long as it looks rustic, you could even keep it out in the open.

Other Rustic Kitchen Ideas

If storage remains an issue for your kitchen, then here are some DIY ideas to create more space. Both of these can double up as a cool centerpiece in your kitchen.

  • Hanging Pot Racks – Make use of your ceiling space. There’s going to be plenty of hanging lights in a rustic kitchen, but why not add a hanging pot rack? You could even make it yourself! It’s easy and will cut the cost of your kitchen by a lot with the right access to reclaimed wood. Plus, it adds more storage space right out in the open!

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  • DIY Rack Holders – The same can be done with your kitchen wall if the ceiling doesn’t offer the space needed. Simply hang up a pot rack on the wall and you’ve got yourself a cool statement piece with functionality. Make sure that you’re keeping it organized and placing rustic-looking utensils and items on it or else it could stick out among the rest.

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Rustic Kitchen FAQs

What Materials Are Used in a Rustic Kitchen? – Typically woods, industrial metals, and natural stones.

How Can I Make My Kitchen Rustic With Low Cost? – Reclaim everything you use and try to find it at an antique shop. You can even ask any friends for materials they’re throwing out.

What Does A Rustic Kitchen Entail? – It depends on the style. Some kitchens emphasize reclaimed woods, others prefer a mixture of nature and modern technology.