The Best Modern Bookcase Ideas

Modern Bookcase
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A modern bookcase is an elegant and aesthetic addition to your space. You can add it to your bedroom, living room, or library if you like. It will contain various innovative shelving unit options. You can place your books, photo frames, and indoor plants over it.

There are many modern bookcase options in the market. It can make picking the right one difficult for you. Read ahead as we discuss modern bookcases in detail.

Modern Bookcase Styles

Still not sure which bookcase design will look best in your home? Here are some examples of modern bookcases for inspiration.

Geometric Bookcases

White Geometric Bookcase
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Brown Geometric Bookcase
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Spiral White Geometric Bookcase
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There are many geometric bookcase options available out there. They come in sharp shapes that accentuate any space that they are placed in. From stacked squares to S-shaped furniture, they sit by your wall. You can place your books, vases, and other items on it.

They come with interesting details and assembly that are bound to catch anyone’s attention. Geometric designs are excellent as they improve the perception of lighting in a room. The modern shelving will make your room seem more spacious.

These shapes can also be used to reinterpret floor to ceiling bookcases.

Modern Bookcases with Doors

White Brown Bookcase With Doors
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White Black Bookcase With Doors
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Wood Bookcase With Doors
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Another modern take on a bookcase is giving the shelf a storage cabinet like look. These are often regular bookshelves that come with attached glass doors. These may be doors that you can open or even one with sliding glass doors.

They add an elegant, calm, and minimalistic look to any space. With a slight sheen, they also add a little mystery to the objects displayed inside the glass on the bookcase. You will also find wall mounted bookshelves with glass doors.

The shelves will have interesting details and may adopt a mid century modern design, among others. The contemporary styles will also add much-need storage space to your room.

Black Modern Bookcases

Black White Bookcase scaled
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Black Brown Bookcase
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Black Bookcase
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Black is a beautiful color for geometric bookcases. These will look sleek and elegant in your room. If you have a neutral space, a black shelf unit can add some drama to your room.

Further, it is the perfect foundation for all the colorful book covers that will be displayed on the shelf. You can also get a black bookshelf in a floor-to-ceiling style or a box style. It will also complement glass doors very well.

White Modern Bookcases

White 55 inch High Modern Bookcase
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Rectangle White Bookcase
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Elegant White Bookcase
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When you opt for a contemporary bookcase, you will see that a popular color is white. A crisp white bookshelf will create illusory space both in the room and on the shelf itself. It is likely to blend into any room setting if the right style is chosen.

White is a versatile color and can make for some great modern bookcase options.

Wood Bookcases

Wood shelves that create a cool bookcase
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Banneker Modern Handcrafted Mango Wood Bookcase
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Black Brown Bookcase
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Whether the bookcase is made of walnut hardwood or other wood options, this bookcase can seamlessly add to the modern style space. Wood is a material that has been long used to make some great traditional bookcases.

With modern bookcases, there are many customizable choices available in wood. From colors to finishes, you can pick the right wood shelves for your space. Wood is also a durable material and will retain its structure well.

Tips to Find the Perfect Modern Bookcase

Finding the perfect modern bookcase need not be difficult. By knowing what you want to see in your bookcase, you will be able to pick the right one. Keep looking at inspiring images to solidify your priorities and with the folllowing tips you can pick the right bookcase for your room.

Size of the Bookcase

Look for a bookcase that won’t clutter your space. A bookcase also acts as an accessory piece of furniture. Hence, it is a good idea no to buy one that will overpower your space. However, you might want to choose an accent piece if you are placing it in your library.

You will also have to decide whether you prefer a few large shelves or many small units. It is a good idea to have enough space to arrange books and a few accessories like a potted plant. This adds a seasoned look to your bookcase.

Location of Your Bookcase

Another feature you should pay attention to is how you would like the bookcase assembly to be. Would you prefer a bookcase assembled to be placed on the floor? Perhaps you prefer a modern bookcase mounted on the wall.

Depending on your space and aesthetics, you can pick an appropriate option.


A modern bookcase will give your books and interesting souvenirs a space for display. They can add character to your room and help your personality shine. 

If you still are unsure what features you are looking for in a modern bookcase we have highlighted some of our favorites below. We hope that it helps you love your home again! 

Wall floating bookcase
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White Contemporary Bookcase
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Wide Grey Bookcase
White Bookcase
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Brown Contemporary Bookcase
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Important is It to Invest in a Modern Bookcase and Modern Shelving?

Modern bookcases can save space and are easier to access. They are additions that express your personality and look appealing.

Are Modern Bookcases Still Needed in a Digital World?

Yes, modern bookshelves are still needed as they can serve as spaces where your most favored books are stored. Further, book lovers can use it to display some rare and vintage manuscripts.

What is the Best Material for a Modern Bookcase?

Wood or metal are great materials for a modern bookcase. They are sturdy and durable to hold your books well.

What’s the Key to a Well-Designed Bookcase or Bookshelves?

A well-designed modern bookshelf should act as a point of interest in your room. An ample storage room is also an indication of good design.

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