9 Modern Kitchen Islands To Compliment Your Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Islands

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home! You deserve a kitchen that lives up to this important role. Kitchen islands never fail to add some flair while enhancing the utility of a kitchen.

From kitchen carts to stainless steel tops, there is a multitude of paths to take when selecting a kitchen island. Are you considering the addition of this helpful element in the hub of your house, or perhaps taking a detour while remodelling? If yes, then you are precisely where you need to be.  To help you in your search we have identified our favorite options below.

Modern Kitchen Islands


White Marble Tob Island XL from CB2

Detlev Prep Table with Marble Top

Echevarria Modern Prep Table Marble

Modern Kitchen Islands With Seating

One of the main advantages of a kitchen island is their multipurpose nature. Modern kitchen islands with stools can make your kitchen look stylish while bringing a significant amount of functionality to the table. An island with a seating arrangement can bring you the best of both worlds!

Kitchen islands with stools also give you an alternate dining choice. The space can perform the role of breakfast bar as well as an extended sitting area for when you have guests.

You can pair an elegant and effective food prep area with some barstools and make the most of your space. The layout of your kitchen will also undergo an upgradation with the addition of a kitchen island with stools! There is a plethora of styles you can opt for, from clean and fresh to warm and classic.

Here are a few ideas of our favorite ready made options:

Emblyn Kitchen Island with Solid Wood Top

Booker Kitchen Island

Ikea Vadholma Kitchen Island

Modern Kitchen Island Carts

A modern kitchen island cart will bring a new lease of practicality and functional storage space options to your kitchen. The best part is that there is a wide variety available in the market today, from designer stainless steel top carts to natural wood ones.

Kitchen island carts with wheels are portable and serve you with utter convenience. They are versatile- you can use them as stand-alone carts or pair them with stools.

Does the notion of a kitchen cart pique your interest? Take a look at some of our favorite options:

Emblyn Kitchen Island Cart with Granite Top

Kevon Kitchen Cart

Liberty Off-White Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top by Home Styles

Mix Mediums For A Dramatic Effect

The best way to come up with a great idea is to take two good ideas, and make them one! You can apply this to a kitchen island too- mix mediums and create a dramatic effect.

Whether you wish to use your kitchen island for utilitarian requirements or simply need it to be an eye-catcher, there are many materials for you to pick. If you are working with a budget, you can do well with plastic laminates or man-made finishes.

Mediums like stained concrete and other types of solids surfaces are at an affordable yet higher level. The top range of mediums include designer kitchen islands made using marble, granite, or custom varieties of exotic wood.

A combination of two elements, when chosen tastefully, can produce a unique kitchen island. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, it can also boost the practicality. For instance, you can add a slab of wood to your marble counter for a better dining space.

Mix Marble And Wood

Marble and wood is an excellent combination of mediums for a kitchen island. Marble brings a robust, cool and grounded touch while natural wood adds warmth and elegance to your kitchen. A gorgeous example of such a confluence of marble and wood is below:

These kitchen islands are virtually perfect, well-rounded additions to any kitchen. The mix of dark marble and rich wood dramatises the entire atmosphere of the kitchen, and the attached table and chairs increase utility. An added benefit is the L-shape of the designer kitchen islands- which helps in using the available space most efficiently.
Wood modern island via Drury
source: Drury Designs

Mix Wood And Steel or Wrought Iron

Wood complements almost any other medium. However, when it comes to kitchen islands, it goes best with steel or wrought iron such as the following example which accomplished this with wood floors.

Multiple Islands

You don’t need to have just one kitchen island! With multiple kitchen islands, come multiple benefits. For instance, the amenity of having more than one kitchen island gives you the potential for extra storage space, beautiful aesthetics, and excellent functionality.

Often, cabinetry is not sufficient to accommodate all the items of a kitchen- and then the food prep! With multiple kitchen islands, you can easily combat any lack of space.

What’s more, is that the layout of your kitchen can become drastically better with a series of kitchen islands. Even multiple kitchen carts can have a similar effect!

If you have children at home, you can make them feel included as well. Multiple kitchen islands mean that the children can pitch in while staying out of your way as well.

Another aspect you must not forget is the added seating space that multiple kitchen counters bring. Add some stools or bar stools to these counters and you will be ready for a big dinner gathering, even if your kitchen is small!

If you feel a little experimental, you can use different mediums or different patterns for each kitchen island such as in the following kitchen:

Maximize Utility With L-Shaped Islands

L-shaped kitchen islands are a popular layout that many homeowners prefer to adopt. Such islands come with several advantages, the most prominent advantage being their efficient use of space. With an L-shaped kitchen island, you can also install various cooking appliances or machines along the angles- for instance, an oven or automatic cabinet.

L-shaped kitchen islands were designed with the idea of a “working triangle.” The working triangle is one of the best layouts to ensure a quick pace and better organization while working. A triangular space allows you to move freely across different zones.

Another benefit of L-shaped counters is that they create room for the addition of tables and chairs. If you have any open plan designs in mind, L-shaped kitchen islands will be your best friends. They are especially beneficial for small kitchens, and give you enough freedom to experiment!

L shaped modern island with seating via Housely
source: Housely

When it comes to the fact that kitchen islands are an excellent addition to any kitchen, there is no room for doubt. They are not only wonderful practical elements, but also enhance the beauty and appeal of your kitchen. Kitchen islands can also come in the form of kitchen carts- which bring flexibility to the table.

There are several mediums that you can use for your kitchen island. Often, a combination of these mediums can produce a bold and dramatic effect capable of leaving a lasting impression on whoever beholds it.

It is true that the kitchen is the heart and soul of a household- and a modern kitchen island can give you yet another reason to spend more time in your kitchen!

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