Modern Night Stands

Modern nightstand

Nightstands are tricky business. Most often don’t see a need for a table by the bedside; however, they are incredibly useful items that can add aesthetically to any bedroom. While they are incredibly aesthetic and functional, finding the perfect fit for your bedroom can be a lot harder.

When looking for a modern nightstand, you’ll not only need to keep the style in mind but other small details. Here are the characteristics of a bedside table you’ll need to consider before making a purchase.

One, Two, or Three Drawers


Modern nightstand 2 Drawer

Depointer 3 Drawers Nightstand

Drawers are an integral feature of any nightstand. They can add to the aesthetic appeal while giving you more storage space. However, the number of drawers depends on your needs and aesthetic dream.

No Drawers

A nightstand doesn’t always have to have drawers. They can just serve as tables next to your bed for you to keep your phone, a lamp, or a book.

Nightstands with no drawers are often smaller and only have enough space for a few objects. You’ll need to careful of how many items you place before it gets too crowded.

1 Drawer

You can get a nightstand with a singular drawer or storage space. A singular drawer doesn’t allow for a lot of clutter to build up but also lets you keep the things you need close by. You can store a charger, tablet, or sleeping masks in a drawer like this.

2 Drawers

If you need more storage, a 2 drawer nightstand would be a great option. They are a little more spacious than a 1 drawer nightstand so that you can keep additional items like magazines in a different drawer.

3 Drawers

For larger storage options, you can keep a 3 drawer nightstand or a bedside chest. They serve the function of having a tabletop along with a significant amount of storage. You can store a number of items you have no place for in a closet.
Tip: A nightstand may not always have the typical drawer style storage. The storage space may actually come in the form of shelving units!

Surface Area

When you’re picking out a nightstand, you need to think of more than just color and material. Functionality is extremely important. A part of the functionality is the surface area of the nightstand.

Having drawer space does not mean that you buy a nightstand with too little surface area. Not only does this mean that the drawer space will be a lot lesser, but also it might be impractical for your needs.

Alternatively, too large a nightstand may look ungainly and awkward in a smaller bedroom. It can become more of a hassle to have than a useful part of the bedroom.

When looking for the perfect nightstand, make sure to take some measurements before you go shopping. Measure the space you’re planning on keeping your bedside table, leaving room for your blankets to fall and a little bit towards the wall.

What Color Should You Choose?

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It is true that nightstands serve a functional purpose, but that doesn’t mean you detract from the aesthetic. A bedside table or chest can significantly affect the overall modern design of your bedroom. Whether you’re looking at a mid century modern nightstand or a centuries-old nightstand, you’ll need to make sure it fits with your aesthetic.

When you’re hunting for a modern nightstand, you’ll find that they have very simple colors that go with a modern style. Even if you’re getting too differently colored nightstands, they still need to coordinate with your aesthetic. Here is what color of nightstand you should get based on your bedroom.


White nightstands or transparent ones serve to lighten up space. If you have a bedroom that seems a little dark and moody, then a white or transparent nightstand will brighten up the room and provide the illusion of a bigger space.


Black and cherry-colored nightstands aren’t just for dark themed bedrooms. A modern style allows for darker colored nightstands to be placed in a bright room to keep it from hurting your eyes. The dark furniture tones down a room and adds an extra element of elegance.


A light or dark brown nightstand is more neutral than a black or white nightstand. A brown nightstand just adds to the room without significantly altering the brightness. It is complementary to any modern style bedroom.

What Material Should You Choose?

The material of your nightstand is just as important as the color or surface area. You can’t buy a nightstand that is completely unusable for your aesthetic and function. Buying an extremely heavy wood nightstand doesn’t serve the same purpose as a lightweight glass stand.

A modern nightstand is likely to come in three different materials; wood, glass, and metal. Here are a few suggestions for which material to choose.


Wood is a classic material for a nightstand. The range of colors and finishes you can get with a wood nightstand makes it a versatile option to keep. From walnut to cherry to white, your wooden nightstand can be any color you’d like. Wood is also a sturdy and durable material. It is likely to withstand a lot of weight and use.


Metal is another classic option for a modern nightstand. The material is durable, strong, and requires minimal care. It is environmentally friendly and will not attract pests. However, metal frames can hurt your flooring, and there isn’t a range of finishings to choose from.


Glass isn’t the most viable option for a nightstand but is a great option for a smaller room that still requires a nightstand. New tempered glass nightstands are more durable and significantly brighten up the room.

Nightstand Height

Lastly, the height of the nightstand is incredibly important. You don’t want a terribly tall nightstand or one that is too short to be functional. Ideally, lower beds require shorter nightstands.

You can always measure how tall you need your bedside table to be by measuring the space between your floor and the top of your mattress.

If you’re not looking to measure, the average nightstand should be around 24-28 inches. If you’re having trouble choosing between a slightly shorter or taller nightstand, always go with the taller option.

To sum it up, nightstands serve an aesthetic and practical function. When looking for the perfect nightstand, you’ll have to keep a lot in mind; however, a modern nightstand can provide the perfect accent to your bedroom!

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