The Best Modern Computer Desk Ideas

Modern computer on table in stylish office interior

A good computer desk can make you look forward to all your writing and typing work. By opting for a modern computer desk, you will be bringing a sleek, contemporary design to your home or office. It can difficult to pick a computer desk from the myriad options in the market. Read ahead as we break down modern computer desks for you.

Popular Colors of Modern Computer Desks

You may be buying a modern desk for your computer with a contemporary design. There are a few colors that are chosen time after time when people opt for modern computer desks. We have discussed these below.

White Computer Desks

Monarch Specialties Computer Writing Desk for Home & Office Laptop Table with Drawers Open Shelf and File Cabinet-Left or Right Set Up, 60

 Source: Amazon

White Writing Computer Desk with 2 Storage Drawers for Home Office,Modern Laptop PC Table Workstation, Vanity Table (White)Source: Amazon

Monarch Specialties White Hollow-Core/Silver Metal Office Desk, 60-InchSource: Amazon

Using a white computer home office desk can add the necessary elegance to your décor. Contrary to popular belief, white furniture can be stylish and practical at the same time. A white computer desk will leave clean lines and a crisp appearance around your space.

It allows for the purity of shapes and colors and is popular in homes and offices alike. A white computer desk also adds to the illusion of volume and will help visually expand the room in which it is placed. 

It also leaves a cozy experience in the room. Further, the dust appears on white furniture much later than it does on darker ones. Go ahead and opt for a mid century modern white desk or any other option in white.

Black Computer Desks

Ludwig Modern Computer Desk
Source: Way Fair
Black White Computer Desk
Source: Amazon
Tribesigns Modern Simple Computer Desk
Source: Overstock

Black is a popular style but is not favored by all. It suits a very particular aesthetic and is an excellent option for your modern computer desk. A common choice is a highly finished black computer desk that will let your PC shine.

Styling is key to accommodating a black computer desk in your space. Whether it is a black wood desk or a corner desk, balancing black furniture with neutrals can make all the difference. Black modern computer desks also accommodate detailing better.
For instance, you can add some fir and plants near the computer desk to add some variation. You can also add some contrast with bright and bold colors.

Modern Computer Desk Shapes

When you pick a modern computer desk for your home or office space, the shape can define it. There are many desks of various shapes in the market. Whether it is a mid century modern design or an artsy one, the right shape can make a difference to your space.

L Shaped Computer Desks

White L Shaped Computer Desk
Source: Computer Desk
Wood Black L Shaped Computer Desk scaled
Source: Walmart
Wood White Shaped Computer Desk
Source: Madison Liquidators

Often placed against wall corners, the L shaped computer desk is a novel, modern addition to computer desks. It is a space-saving option that will add an aesthetic appeal to your home or office.

A corner desk is a good option for a computer desk as it will support your arms better as you move your mouse. You will also be left with enough space to write notes. In an office space, it allows for better conversation flow.

These desks also come with a hutch for increased storage space. Hence, an L-shaped desk with a Hutch makes an excellent space-saving combination that adds maximum efficiency to your space.

Wall Mounted Computer Desks

White Purple Wall Mounted Computer Desk
Source: Fast Furnishings
Wood White Wall Mounted Computer Desk
Source: Nimvo
White Wall Mounted Computer Desk
Source: Visual Hunt

This kind of computer desk shape is perfect for small rooms. It is also a great option for spaces with a lot of traffic. The desk itself will be floating and mounted to the wall with no visible legs to support it.

Some of these desks are constructed such that they can be folded down. When not in use, you can simply fold these and hide them away. They will generally require minimum assembly as well.

Small Computer Desks

White Small Computer Desk
Source: Amazon
White Small Computer Desk With Colorful Cabinets
Source: Amazon
Contemporary Small Computer Desk
Source: Way Fair

Whether you are picking a manufactured wood desk or a pure single-wood option, a small computer desk can be your ally. Many of these modern desks are also made of veneered walnut. A small desk is also compact and is a good option for writing and placing your computer.

Standing Computer Desks

Furniture of America Glidene Modern 59 inch Height Adjustable Computer Desk scaled
Source: Overstock
Wood Black Standing Computer Desk
Source: Rocket Mission
47 modern home office computer desk scaled
Source: Stand Steady

Another truly modern option for your computer desk is the standing desk. These allow you to work on your computer as you stand. It is a good option for those who work at a desk job. It will keep them moving and refreshed through the day.

Tips to Find the Perfect Modern Computer Desk

Before you take the plunge and buy your computer desk, there are a few things you should look out for. We have outlined these below.


A key feature of a good desk is its design. We have discussed the various desk shapes above. Make a list of your priorities when you purchase a desk. Pay attention to its modern design and which shapes fit your design sensibility and utility needs best.


Your desk may be made of glass, wood, metal, or other materials. You may want to avoid materials like glass if you have children at home.


If you want your modern computer desk to have enough storage space, look for one with shelves or a drawer. It will make your desk functional as well. Pay attention to the reviews by looking for desks with a good stars rating.

The right modern computer desk can add the right design to your workspace. You can choose from black, white, or wood colors and various materials. Now that you understand these desks better, it may be easier to take your pick.

Wood Computer Desk
Source: The Trend Spotter
Long Black Computer Desk
Source: White Office Interior
Contemporary Black Computer Desk
Source: Ikea
Luxurious Computer Desk
Brown Computer Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Modern Computer Desk?

A modern computer desk is a sleek and minimalist desk. It comes in various designs, materials, and finishes and you can take your pick. Many are also height adjustable for your convenience.

Are Modern Desks Right for You?

Yes, modern desks can fit almost any aesthetic because of the many choices available. You can pick an industrial design for your office space or a sleek wooden one for your home.

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