DIY Wood Bench

I’ve always wanted a cool bench to place at the end of our bed and I’m so glad we were able to build our own! Our sweet dog typically sleeps at the end of our bed but after getting accidentally pushed off too many times (OOPS!) we decided that he should have his own safe space to sleep. The measurements of the finished DIY wood bench are 48″ x 12.5″ x 20″.

I am not brave enough yet to tackle upholstery so, for now, we laid a soft blanket on top along with the dog bed. I’m on the lookout for some cute cushions to attach in the future to really finish it off. The slats along the bottom are a great option for storage with some cute baskets.

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2 48″ 1×8 (Top)

4 11″ 2×2

4 48″ 2×2

6 14.5″ 1×5 (Bottom Slats)

4 15.5″ 2×2

Circular Saw

– Screws and drill



Wood stain and sealer

Felt furniture pads (optional)


Cut all pieces of wood. Sand all sides and wipe down saw dust with damp cloth.

Attach 48″ 2×2 to 11″ 2×2 to make a square two times. To make the bench extra secure you can use two screws per side and/or use wood glue.

Screw the 4 15.5″ 2×2 to the corners.

Find the center and glue the 15.5″ 1×8 supports then flip the bench on its side and screw in.

Attach the other 11″ x 48″ square to the top.

For the top, even space and align the two 48″ 1×8 and glue. Then flip upside down and secure from the bottom to avoid drillĀ holes on the top.

Evenly space 3 14.5″ 1×5 on each side of the center supports and glue. We measured 1.25″ between. Ours hang off the frame slightly to match the size of the top. If you want them to be flush then cut them down.

Sand any uneven edges and wipe down again with a damp cloth. Stain and seal your bench. Once dry, I added felt pads to the bottom to protect the hardwood floors.

Now you have a modern and versatile bench! Hope you enjoy this project and share with me onĀ Instagram!

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