Yard Dice

I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to let summer go yet! Luckily here in California, we get to keep the warm weather a little longer. Yard dice made out of wood have been a huge hit this summer for backyard parties and BBQs so here is a beginner friendly crochet version. There is a lot of repetition so find a great Netflix show to binge and crochet away!

For an affordable PDF version with picture instructions click here!

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450 Yards of worsted weight yarn for color A – I used Caron One Pound in Lace to make them look like wood

Less than a skein for color B – I used Caron Super Soft in Black for the dots

6.5 mm hook


Sewing needle


Each side should measure 4 inches tall


Chain stitch – ch

Slip stitch – sl st

Single crochet – sc

Magic circle – mc


– Chain stitches do not count as stitches

– This pattern makes the squares for the dice individually then they are sewn together



Make 36 in color A

1- Ch 13

2- Sc 12, ch 1 and turn

3-16- Repeat row 2

Tie off (square should be 4” x 4”)


Make 126 in color B (I know that sounds so overwhelming but I promise they go fast!)

1- Create mc

2- Sc 8 (8)

3- Sl st into first sc

Tie off


– Wash all square and block-I recommend using a mesh laundry bag so your ends don’t turn into one big knot in the wash

– I also love this easy method of blocking from the Make and Do Crew– Sew dots on to each side, you will have six sides of each number

– To make lining up the dots easier and more consistent I made an easy stencil with my Cricut

– Also, don’t worry about sewing in the ends since they will be on the inside. I knotted both ends in the back.

– Sew 6 squares (one of each number) together in a “t” shape, 4 long with two on the sides of the third square

– Sew the sides together leaving the top open

– To make the dice more sturdy I cut and put a cardboard box inside but this is optional if you wish to just stuff it

– Cut a piece of cardboard in the same “t” shape with 3.75 squares. So the dimension would be 11.25” tall at the cross by 15” wide. I made small cuts on the sides of each square to make folding it easier.

– Tape the ends of the cube together leaving the top open

– Stuff the inside of the cube and tape shut

– Place in the cube (if you have loose ends make sure they are on the inside of the cube to make sewing in the ends easier)

– Sew top down

– Sew in all loose ends

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