Velvet Baby Headband

I know what you’re thinking, “Another headband?” YES. Maybe it’s because I’m the only one holding down the female fort in my home and I need a girly outlet. I designed this velvet baby headband to match the bow scrunchies mamas and sisters can wear.

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The velvet baby headband is created in one size to fit most. Due to the elastic it stretches really well. However, if you want bigger or smaller adjust the length of the headband and the elastic.


Chain stitch – ch

Single crochet – sc

Increase – inc

Slip Stitch – sl st

Decrease – dec


The velvet yarn may be difficult to see your stitches but don’t give up! Don’t be afraid to use stitch markers to track your place.

The headband is worked in a continuous round.



Ch 4

1- Sl st to first ch to make a loop

2- Sc around (4) until the tube is 18″ long

3- Sl st, tie off and sew in ends


1- Ch 2

2- Turn and sc 1 in the first ch (1)

3- Ch 1, turn, inc (2)

4- Ch 1, turn, inc 2 (4)

5- Ch 1, turn, inc, sc 2, inc (6)

6- Ch 1, turn, dec, sc 2, dec (4)

7- Ch 1, turn, sc across

8- Repeat row 7 until straight piece is 3.5″ long

9- Ch 1, turn, inc, sc 2, inc (6)

10- Ch 1, turn, dec, sc 2, dec (4)

11- Ch 1, turn, dec 2 (2)

12- Ch 1, turn dec (1)

Tie off and sew in ends


Thread elastic through the tube and tie in a knot. Pull the yarn over the knot and sew together. Tie off and sew in ends

Knot the bow piece over the headband seam.

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