Summer Tote

This summer tote bag is a great beginner project to take with you on all your warm weather adventures. The bag is constructed from a giant rectangle for easy assembly and straps that tie at the top. I carried twine behind the moss stitch so it peeks through and gives it more texture.

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5.5mm Hook

Stitch Markers, Scissors, & Needle

I used about one and a half skeins of the yarn and 400 feet of twine.


The finished size is 12″x 14.5″. The straps are 27″ long.


Ch- Chain

Sl st- Slip Stitch

Sc- Single Crochet

Sc2tog- Single Crochet Two Together

Stitch Guide

Moss: Ch 2, SC in the first Ch space of the previous row, (Ch 1, Skip 1, Sc in Ch space from previous row) until end. The last SC goes in the space between the last sc and the turning ch of the previous row.

Check out Daisy Farm Crafts HERE for a great video tutorial and more detailed explanation.


The Ch 2 at the beginning of the row doesn’t count as a stitch

When it says “Sc 5”, it means continue the moss stitch, *Sc, Ch 1, Sk* 5 times.

Crocheting while carrying the twine can mess with gauge so make sure to pull the piece taught at the end of each row. Because of this, don’t fret if your edges aren’t perfect! They will be sewn together and not noticeable in the end.

Be careful when inserting your hook into the previous row to go above the twine.


Body of the Bag

Ch 102 in Plum Wine

1- Turn, hold the twine behind, Sc in the third ch and moss stitch across (100) *Tie a knot in the beginning of the twine to prevent it from slipping through

2-64- Ch 2, turn, moss stitch across. My rectangle measured 13″ tall here but you can always continue until desired length.


65- Ch 1, turn, sl st, 5 Sc *Remember this means continue the moss stitch (Sc, ch 1, skip 1) 5 times*

66-125- Ch 2, turn, moss stitch across (just the 5 sc, do not work into sl st)

126- Do not chain, turn, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog

127-154- Ch 2, turn, moss stitch across

The last row should finish on the left side (closest to the majority of the rectangle). Turn the strap 90 degrees, Ch 1, and moss stitch down the long side of the strap back to the top of the rectangle.

155- Continue 25 Sc moss stitch along the top of the rectangle

156- Ch 2, turn, moss stitch back 5 Sc

157-215- Ch 2, turn, moss stitch across

216- Do not chain, turn sc2tog, sc, sc2tog

217-244- Ch 2, turn, moss stitch across

Turn 90 degrees and moss stitch down the strap.

245- Connect to top of rectangle and moss stitch until the end.

246- Ch 1 and moss stitch around all sides of the rectangle. Then continue the moss stitch up the right side of the first strap.

At the top, tie off and sew in ends.

247- Connect yarn and twine at the base of right side of strap number two. (This should be the one side left without a border) Moss stitch up the side. Tie off and sew in ends


Fold your rectangle so it is inside out. The knot of twine from the beginning should be showing. Use your stitch markers to secure.

Attach yarn at one corner and sl st the bottom and side edges together. Tie off and sew in ends.

Fold bag inside out and tie the straps together for a cute, functional bag!

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