Simple Diaper Cover

Diaper Cover

These diaper covers are the perfect project to whip up for your next baby shower! What momma-to-be wouldn’t love some of these cute little diaper covers to go with any outfit AND keep their baby cool?

For an affordable PDF version with picture instructions click here!

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1 skein of worsted weight (4) yarn – I used acrylic but cotton would also be a great choice

4.5 mm hook

Stitch markers


Depending on the type of yarn and your gauge, the size may vary.

Here is a size chart so you have an idea for what age your diaper cover will fit.

Newborn15 in.
0-6 months15.5 in
6-12 months16 in
12-24 months16.5

Measure your Fdc to get the most accurate measurement of your diaper cover.


Chain stitch – ch

Double Crochet – dc

Slip stitch – sl st

Front post double crochet – FPdc

Back post double crochet – BPdc

Double crochet two together – dc2tog

Foundation double crochet – Fdc


– This piece is worked in 1 piece starting from the waistband, then the back, and ending in the front.

– Chain stitches do not count as stitches



1- Fdc 61 then sl st into the first Fdc (NOT in the first chain 4) (61)

2- Ch 1 and FPdc into the same stitch, BPdc, *FPdc, BPdc* around, sl st into first FPdc

3-5- Repeat row 2

Diaper Body

1- Ch 1 and dc in the same stitch, dc in next 30, ch 1 and turn (31)

2- Dc2tog, dc 27, dc2tog (29)

3- Dc2tog, dc 25, dc2tog (27)

4- Dc2tog, dc 23, dc2tog (25)

5- Dc2tog, dc 21, dc2tog (23)

6- Dc2tog, dc 19, dc2tog (21)

7- Dc2tog, dc 17, dc2tog (19)

8- Dc2tog, dc 15, dc2tog (17)

9- Dc2tog, dc 13, dc2tog (15)

10- Dc 6, dc2tog, dc 7, ch 1 and turn (14)

11-15- Dc across, ch 1 and turn (14)

uploads201808IMG 2991

16- 2 dc in first stitch, dc 12, 2 dc, ch 1 and turn (16)

17- 2 dc, dc 14, 2dc, ch 1 and turn (18)

18- 2 dc, dc 16, 2dc, ch 1 and turn (20)

19- 2 dc, dc 18, 2dc, ch 1 and turn (22)

20- 2 dc, dc 20, 2dc, ch 1 and turn (24)

Turn inside out, use stitch markers to attach leaving 3 unworked stitches on each side and whip stitch across

Fasten off and sew in ends, turn right side out

Leg Opening

1- Starting at the bottom of the leg hole connect yarn, ch 1 and dc around evenly

2- Sl st into the first dc, ch 1, repeat *FPdc, BPdc* around

3- Sl st into first FPdc, ch 1, FPdc into same stitch, BPdc, *FPdc, BPdc* around

4- Sl st into first FPdc and fasten off

Repeat on the other leg

IMG 3000



– Ch to the desired length and fasten off

– Using a sewing needle, thread from the front middle under the FPdc around


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