Octopus Diaper Cover


Worsted weight yarn in 2 colors

    Color A: teal

    Color B: white

Safety eyes

4.5 mm hook

3.5 mm hook

Sewing needle



Chain stitch – ch

Single crochet – sc

Half double crochet – hdc

Double Crochet – dc

Slip stitch – sl st

Magic circle – mc


– Chain stitches do not count as stitches



Make 2 in color A

1- Create mc

2- Sc 7

3- *2 sc in each stitch* repeat around (14)

4- *2 sc, sc 1* repeat around (21)

5- *2 sc, sc 2* repeat around (28

6- Sl st around

Tie off

Short Tentacles

Using 3.5 mm hook make 4 in color B

1- Ch 13

2- Sc in second stitch from hook, sc, hdc, hdc, dc in last 8 (12)

Tie off

Long Tentacle

Using 3.5 mm hook make 4 in color A and 4 in color B (8 total)

1- Ch 20

2- Sc in second ch from hook, sc, hdc 2, dc 15 (19)

Tie off


Using color B make 2

1- Create mc

2- Sc 6

Sl st into first sc and tie off


– Sew first head/body to the diaper cover

– Sew the 4 short tentacles to the body

– Take one of the color A long tentacles and sew to a color B long tentacle

– Repeat 3 more time

– Sew the 4 long tentacles to the body with color A facing up

– Use your fingers to curl the tentacles

– Sew eyes to the second body

– Attach safety eyes

– Sew the second body to the first, lightly stuffing at ¾ around

Tie off

If you can’t get enough diaper cover animals don’t miss the whale and shark patterns as well.

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