DIY Hexagon Shelves & Bookshelf Ledges

Hexagon Shelves

Modern decor is all about geometric shapes right now and I couldn’t love it any more! The clean and simple lines are so visually satisfying. I’m expecting a baby boy this month and we wanted a simple and minimal theme for his nursery so we chose neutrals and geometric shapes. I really wanted some awesome hexagon shelves as a big piece for the wall but didn’t want to pay at least 50$. I found this great tutorial from I Spy DIY to make our own so my husband and I got to work!

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– 21 8″ pieces of 1×6 wood

– 1 19″ piece of 1×6 (optional)

– 2 12″ pieces of 1×6 (optional)

– Table Saw

– Hammer & nails

Wood glue


Wood Stain

I found a spare piece of 1×6 that we cut into 8″ pieces. You could use whatever size wood you’d like as long as it’s wide enough to be a sturdy shelf. Then cut it however long depending on what size hexagons you want. The piece of wood I was using was only long enough to make me three and a half hexagons with two 12 inch shelves to sit across the middle, hence the one 19″ long piece to be a top shelf along the half piece.  


First, cut all the pieces 8″ long at a 30-degree angle. Remember the cuts need to go inward like this /     \. Then sand all the pieces and glue the hexagons together. After they have dried, reaffirmed the glue with small nails on the edges.

The two 12 inch shelves were sanded and stained with the rest of the pieces and they slipped in after the hexagon was fully assembled. These took a little shimmying and adjusting to fit them in but felt sturdy without glue or nails once they were in.

The rest of the furniture in the baby’s room is dark wood so I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up an eight ounce can of Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in the color Kona. It’s beautiful and just what I wanted! I used a brush and old t-shirt rags to apply the stain.

Book Shelf Ledges

After making these shelves we were on a roll and decided to make some bookshelf ledges with the leftover wood stain. Inspiration came from Creatively Southern and you can get their instructions here. I received so many cute baby books from my showers and I love that I can see the front cover of them on these ledges. The pressure was off to make these look perfect since the books cover the back piece so you really only see the front lip.


– 2 24″ 1×5

– 2 24″ 1×4

– 2 24″ 1×1

Wood glue

– Small nails

– Wood stain

I was able to use more scrap wood for these shelves which make DIY projects even better! I wanted two shelves but I have seen designs with one long ledge or multiples stacked. This project is also really flexible in the sense that you can use a variety of wood sizes to achieve the same effect. I used a 1×5 and 1×4 because that is what I had. The 1×4 is the perfect base because I can fit one to two rows of books comfortably without worrying they are going to fall off.


First cut all the wood, with straight angles this time (whoop!). Then sand the edges and glue the pieces together. The 1×5 as the back, 1×4 on the bottom, and the 1×1 on top of the 1×4 for the ledge. Once the glue dries, use very small, long nails to secure the ledge down through the 1×4. After everything is secure, stain the shelves with the same Kona color.

Just like that, I had created shelves and book ledges for a fraction of the price to purchase them! If I can make them then surely anyone can.

If you feel inspired to make your own hexagon shelves or bookshelf ledges I’d love to see them! Share with me on Instagram.

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