DIY End Table

I was in Home Goods last week looking for a small table to go next to the couch and the rocking chair in the nursery and couldn’t believe I was going to have to pay 50$ for each one! No offense to Home Goods because that store is pretty amazing but I knew I could make something cheaper than that.

I got home and designed this table and the wood only cost me 25$. Yep, you read that right. And I got the size and height I wanted with a shelf. I purchased 2 1x12s and a 1×5 for 25$. I knew what cuts I needed and had them done at Home Depot so all I had to do was assemble and stain. The final dimensions for this table are 22″x14″x25″

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2 24″ 1×12

2 20″ 1×12

3 22″ 1×5

– Screws and drill

Sanding block



I wanted the top to have the slats look but you could easily use another 1×2 piece if you wanted a flush, solid top. I didn’t need a saw for this project since Home Depot did it for me!


First sand all of the pieces. Note – your table will assemble much easier if you drill holes before screwing in the holes.

Attach the 2 24″ pieces to the 20″ bottom.

Then add the 20″ shelf wherever you’d like it, I put mine approximately 8″ from the top.

Next place the 1x5s evenly spaces on the top. We used small wooden skewers to make sure they were the same distance apart. (It was VERY DIY but hey, it worked!)

Sand the whole table again to get rid of any rough edges and sides. Make sure all surfaces are clean and stain. My recommendation for staining is to have one person do it instead of tag teaming the process because it will turn out more even. I would stain one portion and use the same amount of pressure to wipe it away.

Finally, use a sealer if you desire to finish your table!

There you have it! A simple, modern and easy end table for any room for 25$. If you like this tutorial don’t miss the instructions for the DIY Entry Table. Share your tables with me on Instagram.

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