DIY Bathtub Tray

This super simple DIY bathtub tray is the perfect excuse to get some quality alone time and RELAX. There’s nothing I love more than watching a good movie, drinking my favorite tea and soaking in my favorite bath salts. It does wonders for the soul!

This tray was built with a four-foot 1×12 and some scrap pieces of 2x2s and 1x2s for the iPad/book holder and bottom ledges. The only piece of wood I needed to buy was the 1×12 and it was 9$! Some 2x2s and 1x2s are also very inexpensive making this project way cheaper than purchasing a bathtub tray.

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4′ 1×12

2 10″ 2×2 (Bottom ledges)

2 18″ 1×2 (Ipad holder)

– Screws and drill


– Glue

Wood stain and sealer

Felt furniture pads (optional)

My husband finally realized that my DIY hobby is not just a phase as my list of things to build keeps growing so he broke down and purchased us some more tools that will make his life a little easier when I come to him with my crazy ideas. This electric hand sander was a life saver and made the finish very smooth and even.

For the bottom ledges and Ipad holder, there are many different sizes of wood that would work so don’t be afraid to get creative with scrap wood you already have!

Since this piece is near water it is important to use a sealer so the stain doesn’t wash off and make a big mess if you get it wet. I prefer a water-based sealer and stain compared to oil.


Sand all pieces of wood.

On the bottom of your tray attach 2x2s on the ends however wide your bathtub is. I screwed them 1″ in from the end so they sit on the outside of the tub.

Flip over to the top and attach 1x2s in the middle of the tray. I glued them 3/4″ apart to fit my Ipad. If you want it to fit a book instead you may need to make the gap larger. These pieces are glues 2″ from the back but you can secure them wherever you’d like!

Sand again and wipe down with a damp cloth. Stain and let dry then finish with a sealer.

I added some felt furniture pads to the bottom of the ledges to protect the tile around my bathtub.

I hope you treat your self and take more baths because you deserve it! Share with me your bathtub tray onĀ Instagram!

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