Baby Shower Succulents

I’m so excited that this summer we will be welcoming TWO new babies into our family. With the warm weather here to stay, I wanted a springy party favor to celebrate. These baby shower succulents are an easy and inexpensive party favor for any baby shower, birthday or wedding.

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I purchased the succulents at a famers market for 1$ a piece and was so excited. Half of them were planted in 2″ or 3″ plants then I purchased 4″ pots for the rest at Home Depot for $.97. It’s important to get the palm cactus soil for your succulents! It’s also inexpensive. You can buy a bag of the pea pebbles or use rocks from your yard.

This baby shower is for a baby girl so I bought a sample size can of Behr Creamy Freesia with a matte finish. This paint has a primer in it so I didn’t need to prime the pots prior to painting.


Once all of your materials are purchased, take a damp rag and clean your pots.

Using a sponge brush, paint your pots, including the inside lip and bottom. I did 3 coats of paint and alternated setting them to dry on top and bottom to cover the entire pot.

Once dry, fill each pot 3/4 of the way with soil. Insert your succulent and add more dirt around it. Then top off the pot with pea pebbles. Do not water your succulents for 2 days to a week after repotting them to let them adjust to their new home.

For the tags, I made a 2″ circle with a smaller circle cut at the top out for the twine. I added the words with my favorite fonts and a simple vector image. Attach all components, copy and paste as many as you’ll need and hit make it!

Assemble your beautiful plants and you will have some very happy party guests at your next event.

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