Baby Knot Headband

I can officially say that crocheting baby items, clothes and accessories are my favorite! The Simple Diaper Cover and Raegan Romper are my most popular patterns so I designed a simple knot headband to add to the collection.

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Small amount of 4 weight cotton yarn ( I used Cotton Fair in Baby Blue)

Scissors and sewing needle


This knot headband can be made to fit any sized baby or toddler. To calculate how long the center piece of headband should be, measure the baby’s head and add 3″. The bow pieces on both ends will add several inches as well.

If you don’t have a baby to measure, follow the chart for an estimated size and add 3″ for the center piece.


0-3 months

3-6 months

6-12 months


Head Size





For example, for a newborn size, the center piece will be 15″ (head circumference) plus 3″ for a total 18″.


Chain – ch

Single Crochet – sc

Increase – inc

Decrease – dec


The chain stitch at the beginning of a row doesn’t count as a stitch.

Do not ch 1 for decreasing rows.

This piece is worked as one long strip with two tapered ends for the knot.


Knot Beginning

1- Ch 2, turn

2- 2 sc in first ch, turn (2)

3- Ch 1, inc in each sc, turn (4)

4- Ch 1, inc, sc 2, inc, turn (6)

5- Ch 1, inc, sc 4, inc, turn (8)

6- Ch 1, inc, sc 6, inc, turn (10)

7- Dec, sc 6, dec, turn (8)

8- Dec, sc 4, dec, turn (6)

9- Dec, sc 2, dec, turn (4)

10- Ch 1, sc, dec, sc, turn (3)

11- Ch 1, inc, sc, inc, turn (5)

Middle Strip

Ch 1, sc across (5) until it reaches desired length. (Head circumference plus 3″. Refer to chart in Size.)

Knot End

Dec, sc, dec, turn (3)

1- Ch 1, sc , inc, sc , turn(4)

2- Ch 1, inc, sc 2, inc, turn (6)

3- Ch 1, inc, sc 4, inc, turn(8)

4- Ch 1, inc, sc 6, inc, turn (10)

5- Dec, sc 6, dec, turn (8)

6- Dec, sc 4, dec, turn(6)

7- Dec, sc 2, dec, turn (4)

8- Dec, dec, turn (2)


Turn, ch 1, sl st

Sc around piece

Tie off and sew in ends

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