A Beginner’s Guide To Paper Flowers

Something about paper flowers just makes me melt inside! Maybe it’s my practical side enjoying a gift that is inexpensive and outlasts the real thing? The possibilities for paper flowers are endless with unlimited arrangments in colors, sizes, and occasions. I created this simple bouquet using three basic flowers for Valentine’s Day and my anniversary coming up.

In this beginners guide, you will find tips about materials, assembly and my favorite websites for inspiration and tutorials.


First things first… paper! For beginners, I recommend sticking to cardstock to practice and get the hang of things and then move on to felt or crepe paper. Tips – some files may require 12×12 sheets but you can always adjust the image size in design space to utilize what you have. For small cuts like the center of your flowers, use paint chips from any hardware store.

Next, you’ll need either a paper cutting machine (like a Cricut or Silhouette) or a stencil. If you have Cricut Access there are 3D flower cartridges. Otherwise, Pinterest is a great resource to search for SVG files, templates, and inspiration. Before using your paper cutting machine make sure your blade is nice and sharp and you’re using the correct setting for your paper to get a clean cut.

Other materials you will need are a hot glue gun and pen or dowel. I will explain these further in assembly.

Optional items include floral wire and embellishments like ribbon or string.

Files and Stencils

Once you have your materials now it is time to design and cut out your bouquet! I picked three flowers and three types of leaves and greenery to keep it simple. For more depth I suggest adding different types of greenery in multiple colors. Listed below are my favorite resources for SVG files, template and tutorials:

Abbi Kiersten Collections has an amazing resource library and tutorials for all events and occasions. To see the peony tutorial that I used click HERE!

If you’re looking for an ultimate catalog of free SVG files Jennifer Maker is your girl! She also has free SVG files beyond paper flowers so check her out and get crafting.

Bird’s Cards has wonderful SVG files for 3D flowers as well as a variety of image collections for different crafts. I used her peony and leaf templates in my Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Wildflower Felt Designs specializes in felt and does beautiful work. I uploaded THIS stencil into design space to make a simple flower and it worked the same on cardstock.

Once you feel like you’ve got then hang of construction paper flowers head to Lia Griffith for the ultimate inspiration and DIY tutorials with crepe paper bouquets!


After your pieces are all cut out it’s time to prepare the petals. Using a pen, dowel or wooden skewer wrap the leaves and petals around closely to give them dimension. Personally, I prefer to wrap them tighter because it’s easier to loosen them up when assembling.

Once all the petals have been brought to life assemble the flowers together using a hot glue gun. You can also use crafting glue but in my experience it didn’t work as well.

There are two formats of paper flowers, layered and rolled. The poppy and peony here are stacked pieces glued together. The rose cuts as a large spiral. Starting on the outside edge wrap the entire flower around a small pen or dowel and glue the end to attach.

From here you can turn them into a bouquet, put on a wreath, garland or centerpieces. The utilities are endless! For my Valentine’s Day bouquet I arranged them on the table how I liked them, glued them to green floral wire then tied them together with string. Ta-da!

I hope this tutorial gave you the confidence to make your own paper flower bouquet!

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